Chris Maragoth – ‘Behind This Door’

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Any fan of modern metal or independent rock will surely be well acquainted with Chris Maragoth, the Germany-based musician who 2020 by storm with his ‘Lost and Separated’ EP. For those not yet in the know, Chris has become one of our favourite artists of the last few years, sicking together a unique blend of modern rock and melodic metal to create a sharp, cinematic style that will ensnare and entertain in equal measure. After deciding to go solo in 2017, Chris turned up on our radar in 2020, carving out his own niche sound with the release of his debut EP, but now, he’s back with something new, a titanic single that has made us love him all the more.

Titled ‘Behind This Door’, the new single is an unmistakable power ballad, one that shines with raw emotion and old school anthemics. While originally written a few years ago while in the midst of a painful breakup, it took a few years until Chris was finally ready to finish the single and let the world hear it. As its origins might suggest, the story within ‘Behind This Door’ centres upon a protagonist facing the fact that the one he loved won’t come back and is trying to move on.

A cathartic and emotive piece, the single shines with a universal sorrow and deft melodic sound which enables Chris to speak passionately about letting go, moving on, and trying to find some sense after it has all come to an end. In his own words, he described the track and the lyrics, explaining, “the phrase “when a door closes, a window opens“ comes into the protagonist’s mind, but what if the protagonist is (still) loving the one who is behind this door?”

Released on all major platforms alongside an equally stunning music video, ‘Behind This Door’ is everything that we’ve come to expect from Chris and more. Tune in to the video below, or find it now on Spotify and our playlists.

While being a guitarist primarily, Chris wrote, arranged, and recorded all the instrumentals and vocal for ‘Behind This Door’, capitalising on his natural ability to infuse heavy, melodic sounds with a stunning, evocative quality.

You can find ‘Behind This Door’ on all major platforms now, and be sure to follow Chris on his social media pages below so you never miss a release.

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