Delportau – ‘Hope’

A talented newcomer who has called himself “The Black Wade Wilson“ and “The Haitian Tom Brady”, Delportau might just be one of the most underrated grime artists of the last few years. Armed with a sensational sound that shines with fierce originality, he’s been carving up the hip-hop scene for some time now, delivering hits like ‘Raindrops’ and ‘Haiti’ with ease.

With almost 24,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and a growing discography that just keeps on getting better, we’re taking the time to shine a spotlight on one of Delportau’s most impressive and expressive new tracks, the undeniable ‘Hope’.

Built on a fierce hybrid of RnB, modern hip-hop, and classic UK grime, ‘Hope’ hits without mercy, delivering combines quickfire wordplay with Delportau’s relentless flow, strong, autotuned vocals and authentic style to create a runaway cut that never quits. While the music might be simple, Delportau’s charisma and delivery carry the perfectly, and landing lines like “I am a nice guy, but be a wise guy, and don't make me mad / It would be a shame to play a game and lose everything you had” with venom.

Armed with clever lyrics, dominant delivery and plenty of style, Delportau hits his mark time and time again on ‘Hope’, lashing out and hitting his stride with a passion and energy that few rappers will be able to match. Along with the release of the single on Spotify, Delportau has also revealed a sharp new video for the track, which you can check out on YouTube below.

Proving he’s a master of his craft, ‘Hope’ is a defiant release from Delportau that is sure to be a major hit. Check out the single above, and make sure you catch ‘Hope’ on our annual Spotify playlist where you can stream it alongside hundreds of other incredible singles from the year so far.

For more, head on over to Delportau’s social media pages below where he’s posted a wave of impressive cuts, behind the scenes shots and more.

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