DiViNiUM and Hayley Mengel combine for new single ‘WHO i WAS’

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Earlier this year, the talented and captivating duo of DiViNiUM created a vocal contest designed to inspire creativity and creative exploration. It was a competition that asked artists from around the world to select one of twenty-four original tracks and to add their own vocals and lyrics, delving into new musical territories and making the song their own. Recently, DiViNiUM shared the first official song from the competition, ‘THE CARNAVAL OF LiFE’ featuring The Lillypillies, and now, they’re back with the second.

Titled ‘WHO i WAS’ and featuring the immensely talented Perth Hayley Mengel, the new single is a seamlessly blend of talents, with DiViNiUM bringing their ever-strong instrumentals, and Hayley adding a wonderfully personal touch. For the song, Hayley wrote and performed the lyrics and vocals, and acted in the music video, making the song her own and capturing a fresh, yet relatable side to the song that will tug at the heartstrings of every listener.

Based on DiViNiUM’s ‘In All The Wrong Places', which has long since been a favourite of ours, ‘WHO i WAS’ is a textured and intimate rework of the original, showcasing a new side to the release that through Hayley’s creative vision. Impressively, the song sounds like a complete piece, where the vocals flow and weave throughout the music in one unified form. Together, the song bleeds with emotion and heart, showcasing the very best of all three artists involved.

Speaking about the single, Hayley shared, ““The song is about losing yourself in the process of falling for someone who doesn’t treat you very well. So, changing who you are and the way you do things to please that person. But eventually feeling sad, lonely, and lost because you are not yourself anymore. A toxic relationship. Where you end up behaving a certain way to please that person but you’re behaving like a different person.”

Deeply moving, ‘WHO i WAS’ hinges on perfect lines like “you changed me, you changed who I was”, ebbing and flowing perfectly with the ruminating synths and tempered percussions. Combining a powerful performance from Hayley with a perfect backing track from DiViNiUM, ‘WHO i WAS’ is collaboration at its very best.

You can stream the new single above alongside the official music video or stream it now on all your favourite platforms here.

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