Good Spells shares his new dark-pop single 'Time Again'

  • 2 min read

An enigmatic music producer, artist, and songwriter, Good Spells has recently shared his latest drum and bass infused pop epic, 'Time Again'. Delving into love, loss, and the raw emotions that follow, the new single is an energetic alt-pop release that combines poignant, human moments with undeniably upbeat sounds.

Released alongside the official music video, 'Time Again' resonates with a sharp tapestry of genres, breaking through with dizzying electronic tones, rampant drum and bass, and polished pop aesthetics. Effortlessly captivating and echoing with Good Spells’ signature style, the new single is irrepressible, drawing in listeners with a beautiful, yet wild soundscape.

Touching on love, loss, and the inevitable grief that follows, ‘Time Again’ is wonderfully introspective, balancing the more driven instrumental with a poignant and heartfelt message. Caught on the crossroad of genres, the new single is an atmospheric joy that will leave you captivated, delivering pristine production and an emotive vocal performance that is artfully enhanced by dreamlike ambience.

The music video parallels this thematic nature of the track, amplifying the essence of the track perfectly. It revolves around profound existential reflections and fading, black and white imagery, creating an atmospheric, yet cinematic vision that deserves exploring.

Looking ahead, Good Spells’ focus remains steadfast on continuous creation, both musically and visually. Previous releases have already garnered notable attention and press coverage, including features in LA Weekly and Red X Magazine, and it’s clear that ‘Time Again’ will follow in their footsteps.

For fans of emotive, genre-bending music that forges its own atmospheric path, ‘Time Again’ is a worthy listening experience, offering a unique experience that will stick with you for days on end.

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