Donna Amini - 'Pilots'

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One of the East Coast’s most engaging performers, Donna Amini returns in a big way, announcing the release of her newest music since 2019 – her second studio album, 'Other People'. Now, Amini releases 'Pilots', the newest single off her upcoming album.

'Pilots' possesses a strong sense of self, serving up a great blend of arrangement and production execution. Consistent with the charm and creativity of its lead single, 'Other People' will demonstrate a beautiful evolution of Amini’s style as a songwriter. As she charts course for the embrace of a new era, this is the type of album to reposition her clear and proven songwriting skills in front of audiences new and long-standing alike.

Entirely self-produced, 'Other People' sees Amini flex as a musician and as a creative visionary. Set to feature previously released tracks like ‘Suburban Surf’ and ‘Big Machine’, the two tracks Amini developed and released prior to 2020, Other People represents a sonic and artistic peak for the Sydney songwriter and performer.

Donna explains, "The title ‘Other People’ relates to the false idea that we are somehow separate from others. And how questioning other peoples’ behaviour, is really holding up a mirror to our own. The entire album is an abstract presentation of how we look at the world through the lens of our own personal culture and traumas. But as a body of work, I’d say it’s a collection of songs that are cutting, full and direct.”

In addition to the release of ‘Pilots’ with the announcement of the 'Other People' album, Amini has released a music video for the track, directed by Shahane Bekarian. Filmed in Sydney, at Good Loco in Marrickville.

Along with Amini’s own stand out musicianship, the album will feature instrumentation from Nick Collerson (drums), Jon Zion (bass), Tobias Priddle (bass - ‘Love Me’, ‘Ghost’), Scott Leishman (bass, ‘Hell’) and Wade Keighran (bass, 'Big Machine’).

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