The Colliflowers - 'Let Me Go'

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Refusing to give into the mundane day-to-day grind of everyday life, The Colliflowers were inspired for their new summery, anti-bummer track ‘Let Me Go’. Pairing guitar riffs that pull together imagery of sunsets spent driving down the coast in your dad’s old panel van, with a pulsating drum beat that urges ‘Let Me Go’ forward, The Colliflowers have created an optimistic and anthemic track to mark their second single release of 2023.

With a start in their rehearsal room, the song took a while to evolve from band-room jam, to fully fledged track. With inspiration coming from frontman Gary Collocott’s dream to achieve a more fulfilling life, The Colliflowers took the ‘Let Me Go’ down a slightly heavier route, with a classic 80’s drum intro, alongside luscious guitars. Working locally, the band teamed up with Southern Cross University’s Steve Law to produce the track, with acclaimed Australian engineer Jack Nigro (DMA’s, Skeggs, Dune Rats) mixing the track and Matthew Grey (Violent Soho, The Screaming Jets, The Middle East) handling mastering.

Speaking of the new cut, the band shared, "'Let Me Go' is a feel-good, sunny side up, take on the modern dilemma of feeling stuck in an unhealthy relationship with the daily grind. Although the inspiration for the track can be a bit of a bummer, the song is anything but that. From the opening bar you’re welcomed with a driving drum beat followed by the type of guitar riffs that will have you wishing you were driving along the coast in your dad’s old panel van. Coupled with optimistic, anthemic vocals and a bass line that pulls no punches, we’ve hopefully created a summer anthem that everyone can get behind and enjoy.”

“'Let Me Go' is a tune that’s been in our rehearsal room for a while, just kind of floating around without that element that could really turn it from a jam to a song. This all changed when we decided to take it down a slightly heavier route with a classic 80’s drum intro and luscious guitar melody for the intro. Once we pieced all of that together all of the other guitar riffs and the driving bass line followed. The new instrumentation really fit the sentiment of the song so the lyrics and message remained unchanged.”

With the release of ‘Let Me Go’, The Colliflowers have also filmed a music video to coincide with the track. With a desire to display the feel-good message of ‘Let Me Go’, as well as show off each of their unique personalities, the music video consists of some of the band’s highlights across the passing months. The video was self-produced by The Colliflowers themselves, allowing them to flex another one of their creative muscles.

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