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Dorian Electra - 'anon'

  • 2 min read

Dorian Electra, the ultimate pop futurist, has announced their hotly anticipated third album 'Fanfare', set for release October 6th. Following a premiere on BBC 6Music for the single, Dorian has also released their new single 'anon', alongside a stellar music video.

The recently announced 'Fanfare' is the pop provocateur’s third album and sees them explore parasocial relationships from the claims we stake on figureheads' lives to taking in obsession, idolatry and pop culture as modern mythology. Throughout the record, Dorian blurs the lines between love and hate, fandom and control whilst also seeing them flip and rewrite narratives imposed by a heteronormative society.

Working with a cast of creatives including long-time collaborators Clarence Clarity and Weston Allen, alongside Casey MQ, Count Baldor and Klaxons’ Jamie Reynolds, 'Fanfare' asks what we expect, or demand, from our public figures. 'Fanfare' sees Dorian Electra once again display their unique abilities as a shapeshifting musician, visual artist, fashionista, joker, internet philosopher and more with eyes focused forward.

Directed by Dorian Electra and their creative partner, Weston Allen, the music video for new single 'anon' showcases the extent to which stan culture, on any given day, can lead to anonymous profiles propping you up or dragging you down. The track follows on from recently released 'Sodom & Gomorrah' and 'Freak Mode' which saw Dorian Electra tease this new era as they began exploring the world of 'Fanfare'.

Those yet acquainted can revisit Electra’s first two albums, the world building 2019 album 'Flamboyant' and 2020’s edgy, provocative 'My Agenda'. Dorian’s music masterfully blends together an assortment of genres, including pop, metal, jazz, medieval, epic baroque, classical, EDM, and more. It’s why they’ve been able to collaborate with such a wide range of artists like Lady Gaga, Charli XCX, 100 gecs, The Village People, Pussy Riot, Rebecca Black, and more. Electra spent most of 2022 busy at work on their forthcoming project, which sees them examining the socio-political effects of internet culture and the rise of the parasocial relationship.

DAZED visited them in the studio early last year, read about that wild experience here.

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