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Rowa - 'Low Jewel'

  • 2 min read

Acclaimed producer and songwriter, Rowa has released her highly anticipated new single 'Low Jewel', marking a significant milestone in her remarkable debut year of 2023.

Accompanying the release is a visually stunning music video that invites viewers on a captivating journey through the "ROWAVERSE," an interactive 3D realm conceptualized by Rowa herself and brought to life by talented 3D artist and musician Vinyl Williams.

'Low Jewel' is a sonic masterpiece that embarks listeners on a modern interpretation of the mythical allure of "the siren." Rowa's distinctive production style mesmerizes and relaxes, crafting a listening experience that stands apart from the mainstream pop and indie music scene. The music video for 'Low Jewel' commences in a surreal jungle environment inspired by the surrealist castle built by Sir Edward James in the 20th century.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Gaudi and Salvador Dali, Rowa aimed to recreate a waking-life manifestation of The Garden of Eden, a space where limitless growth and artistic expression flourish. The castle structure, devoid of practical function, epitomises the essence of art itself, serving as a feast for the eyes and a vessel for evoking emotional responses from the human experience.

'Low Jewel' enthralls listeners with its haunting mystique, achieved through Rowa's innovative use of samples layered with unconventional drum sounds. The incorporation of organ harmonics further enriches the track's spiritual tones, complementing the awe-inspiring visuals of the music video. Rowa herself explains the significance of the ROWAVERSE, stating, "The ROWAVERSE is my 3D interactive realm, a visual representation of the environments that inspire me and that I feel my music transports me to. It is a surreal world created to accompany my track 'Low Jewel.'

Alongside the music video, I have also developed a dedicated page on my website where fans can explore the realm firsthand." With 'Low Jewel' and the immersive ROWAVERSE music video, Rowa continues to push the boundaries  artistic expression, captivating audiences with her unique vision and sonic artistry. Stay tuned as Rowa continues to captivate and inspire listeners on her journey of creative exploration.

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