Entrepreneur and artist Vante Chapo shares new single ‘Weekend’

A rising creative force out of Houston, Texas, Vante Chapo has been carving out his own path in music since 2018, delivering a string of impressive singles. An artist and entrepreneur with seemingly unlimited creative vision, the new age rapper has recently shared his latest standout single, delivering a powerful message and undeniable vibe in ‘Weekend’.

Released on the 7th of December this year, ‘Weekend’ is a track that shines with the classic Vante Chapo style, stitching together his tempered, unstoppable flow with a unique assortment of keys and beats. Undeniably his, the track is fiercely independent anthem that encourages everyone to hold firm and be strong in any situation.

Along with the new release, Vante Chapo has also shared the official music video for the track, which you can stream below. Built to impress, the video perfect packs the vibes and energy of the song, adding a new layer to Vante Chapo’s sound.

Speaking with us about the track, Vante Chapo shared, “This song brings a whole new meaning to the words weekend and weekday. Encouraging everyone to be strong in any situation and not to speak weakness upon yourself. The vibe can go great with pretty much any activity”

For more from Vante Chapo, make sure you check out his social media pages below, or head over to his website where you can learn more about his services and products, like his Feng Shui Serum and Deja New Lung Support Tea.

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