Painter and songwriter Gala Maria impresses with new single ‘Tangerine Dream Vision’

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A talented and multi-faceted artist from Honduras, Gala Maria has just released her latest psychedelic bossa nova song, pairing traditional South American sounds with an inspired twist. Released alongside frequent collaborator Big Tom, A.K.A. Thomas Frost, the new single is an intoxicating release that will charm all who hear it.

Born from the idea of making a song that sounds and feels like a mimosa, ‘Tangerine Dream Vision’ began life titled ‘Mimosa Bossa’, a dreamy, yet exciting mix that burst into life with colour and vibrancy. As the track evolved and the lyrics took shape, the song took on a new life, as Gala explained, “the song became about yearning for a passionate romantic connection with someone dreamy.”

To complete the experience of ‘Tangerine Dream Vision’, Gala has also shared a gorgeous stop-motion video for the song, which you watch below. A surreal and perfectly curated animation, which the muse and Big Tom helped edit, it’s a stunning pairing of sound and art.

Continuing her artist theme, the cover art for the new single, designed by Slick Satan, was heavily inspired by ‘Drowning Girl’ by Roy Lichtenstein, keeping with the theme of mid-century aesthetics seen and felt across Gala Maria's discography.

For more about the new single, and to stream her previous releases like the seminal ‘Sweet Spot’ and ‘Dreaming’, be sure to check out Gala’s Spotify and social media pages below.

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