Esme White's 'Let Me In' Is Haunting Howl of Modern Blues and Timeless Americana

Earlier this month, New York-born, London-based singer-songwriter Esme White unleashed her debut EP, 'Dead End Daydreams', on Spiritual Records. The project, recorded with Jack Trouble, perfectly showcased White's love for storytelling and world-building, culminating in the standout track 'Let Me In'.

A modern track with a timeless blues sound, the song opens on a sea of guitars, flowing with depth, they create an instant appeal that backs Esme's croons perfectly. Esme's vocals are absolutely amazing throughout, with her voice and knack for storytelling creating a captivating intensity. Even from just the first few moments, it's easy to see why Esme has been praised on renowned stages like the 100 Club, St. Pancras Old Church, and the Green Note.

The track is a mesmerising blend of rustic guitar work and rolling, captivating tones. It constantly shifts and surprises, yet remains consistently entertaining and refreshingly unique. The repeating lyrics "Let me in to your garden" evoke a sense of yearning and desperation, drawing the listener deeper into the narrative.

Speaking openly about the single, Esme explained, "It tells the tale of a hound from hell coming to the land of the living during the springtime trying to get into Persephone’s garden."

Esme's debut EP, 'Dead End Daydreams', is a testament to her talent and potential as a rising star in the music scene, and 'Let Me In' is a perfect glimpse of the broader collection. With its captivating blend of blues, Americana, and timeless storytelling, 'Let Me In' is a song that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on listeners.

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