Evan Daly – 'With You Right Now'

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A straight-edge vegan, ambitious multi-instrumentalist, and talented songwriter, Evan Daly is the latest musician to take the internet by storm, and it’s all thanks to his debut single, ‘With You Right Now’.

A self-proclaimed musical mastermind, Evan Daly is a hard-working, passionate, and entirely obsessed musician with a penchant for creating 70’s funk inspired music. His sound is hypnotic, driven by looped drums and heavy bass lines that build a foundation for spiralling guitar tracks. It’s a musical blend of syncopated rhythm, advanced melody and harmony that flows alongside vocals that are tinged with pop, hip-hop, and soul harmonies.

Backed by The Dysfunktionals, a five-piece guitar and keyboard driven collective, Evan Daly is proud to present his debut single, ‘With You Right Now’, along with its official video. Released on June 1st this year, all vocals and instruments were performed on the recording by Evan Daly, and the music was entirely written by Daly himself.

The new film clip was produced by Simon Pope from One2 Productions, and stats Jack Petrie and Taylah Verri. Check it out above.

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