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G. Michael Vasey – 'Girl On The Phone'

  • 2 min read

It is hard to imagine a life more steeped in intrigue than that of G. Michael Vasey. An avid writer and a firm believer in magic and the power of the mind to shape reality, he has spent his life in the shadows of the supernatural, a fascinating occurrence that has shaped his work and music.

Born in Hull in England, as the eldest of three brothers, Vasey’s life was steeped in the supernatural from the very start. Growing up surrounded by ghosts, poltergeists, and other strange and scary wonders, his life became a magnet for everything paranormal. With a deep fascination for the occult, Vasey made the most of his supernatural situation, penning the Number One best selling ‘My Haunted Life’ trilogy, and going on to have over thirty books currently in print.

His writing has led him to numerous radio show appearances and dedicated features in magazines, but it’s his music that has really caught out attention. A self-taught guitarist who learned to play in his teens, Vasey first got a taste for music when performing with the band NEMO. A stage manager through college, he had the privilege of meeting people like Sting, Paul Young, and Billy Idol, to name just a few. After a thirty year hiatus from music, Vasey has recently returned to creating his sort of magic.

‘Girl On The Phone’ is Vasey’s latest cut, and it arrives complete with an official music video. It’s a track built from his own style and an eclectic musical taste, one where you can hear equal measures of Bowie and T. Rex, all mixed together to make a driving alt. rock anthem.

See the new video for ‘Girl On The Phone’ above.

The single, as well as the rest of Vasey’s discography, and selected books and audiobooks can be found on iTunes right now.

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