Fennimore – ‘Ven a Mí’

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An enigmatic electronic music project that has taken shape over the past week, Fennimore’s sound comes from a truly unlikely place. A former lawyer who has found new life as a DJ and producer, Fennimore has covered a lot of ground in a short space of time, and it’s all thanks to the release of their impressive debut single, ‘Ven a Mí’.

A collaborative release featuring some truly stunning vocals from singer Alicia and an undeniable saxophone accompaniment by Australia’s own Hugo Lee, ‘Ven a Mí’ is a vibrant introduction to Fennimore’s world, offering up sun-kissed tropical vibes, sultry rhythms and an unbeatable house sound.

Far from the more boisterous EDM sounds that fill clubs and soundtrack euphoric nights out, ‘Ven a Mí’ offers a more nuanced and evocative sound, one that Fennimore wields with a deft hand and plenty of magic. From the atmospheric opening bars that shine with whispered vocals and the faintest traces of brass, the single grows to deliver a nostalgic house sound that is carefully layered with sultry vocals, timeless energy, and perfect production.

Alongside the release of the single, Fennimore has also revealed a gorgeous new video that perfectly reflects the sentimental nature of the song. Recorded by award-winning cinematographer Dimitar, and filmed on location and the famed Black Sea, the video is another touching element that makes ‘Ven a Mí’ into a complete aural and visual experience. Check it out below via YouTube.

A lavish mixture of sounds and styles that have been seamlessly stitched into one gorgeous release, ‘Ven a Mí’ is enjoyable, unassuming, and beautifully crafted, ensuring that Fennimore has made their mark in the best possible way. Make sure you tune in to the new release above and keep your eyes out for Fennimore’s upcoming second single, ‘Set the World on Fire’, which is slated for release in September.

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