Serious Matters – ‘Glitches‘

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A band that practically resonates that ‘go hard or go home’ attitude, Serious Matters first rose to prominence back in 2017 with the release of their no holds barred debut ‘Used’. A caustic, explosive, and downright brilliant first release, ‘Used’ set the tone for the New Jersey band, and since then, they’ve continued to impress fans and critics alike with their devastating post-hardcore sound. Armed with grit, determination, and plenty of alt-rock kicks, Serious Matters have become serious contenders in 2021, and now, with the release of new single ‘Glitches’, they’ve announced themselves as one of the most authentic, compelling, and impressive bands around.

Striking a fine balance between technical excellence and spot-on songwriting, ‘Glitches’ is a perfect illustration of the band’s abilities, lashing out with a dizzying whirlwind of pop-punk, hardcore, and alt-rock styles that are stitched seamlessly together into four minutes of undeniable brilliance. Musically, it’s a tour de force of anthemic, over-arching sounds and clever nuanced details, offering a visceral yet wonderfully intimate sound that will hit you hard and then hold you tightly in its grasp.

While the music is an instant draw, it’s the message that keeps you engaged, and frontman Matt Sandelman excels in putting every ounce of emotion that he can muster into the track. Speaking out about toxicity and asking us all to be brave when it comes to standing up for ourselves, the track perfectly blends deep emotional moments with free-flowing energy to create a masterpiece of modern rock.

Speaking openly about the new single and the accompanying music video, which you can see below, the Kenny Byles of the band had this to say; “This track treads the line of not being able to speak up for yourself when needed and letting go of disloyal people. This song was put together in separate entities due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so not everyone was together all at the same time until we hit the studio. The music video is all of us finally being in a room together again, recording the song and enjoying being around each other for the first time in a year.”

A cataclysmic new release that revels in stunning contrasts and quickfire energies, ‘Glitches’ is a unique take on the current post-hardcore scene that defiantly revitalises the genre, offering something bold, new, and fiercely original. Expressive, relatable, and above all, enjoyable, ‘Glitches’ is the kind of single that makes the world stand up and take notice, and if they can keep this momentum rolling, they’ll easily be one of the biggest breakthrough acts of the next few years.

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