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Flowerkid – ‘Vodka Orange Juice’

  • 2 min read

Painting a delicate and bravely honest impression of his personal experiences, Flowerkid is back with one of his most disarming and introspective singles yet. Titled ‘Vodka Orange Juice’, the new single is a bold, affecting piece that features delicate vocals and restrained sonics to make an indelible mark.

Featuring his now-trademark brutal honesty, ‘Vodka Orange Juice’ paints an impression of the young artists personal experience of coming out as trans as a teenager, creating a haunting, intimate sound that stays with you long after the song fades to silence.

Of the new single, Flowerkid explained, “The track is about all the times people have said things like this to me – at parties, at bars and clubs. Over time, it becomes strenuous to fight these people. They are threatened by what they can’t understand (or haven’t tried to) and it takes a massive toll on me personally. It was hugely cathartic writing this song. I was on the coast in a caravan by the water, reflecting on my past. I did it in one take and started crying by the time I got to the last chorus. I hope when other people are listening to this, they feel the same way.”

“If you are listening and feel like you are not accepted for who you are – please know that you are loved.  My heart goes out to all of you. flowerkid xx”

Adding further to the track, Flowerkid also announced on his Facebook page, “I wrote this song in a caravan right by the coast in 2020 pre covid, and recorded it in one take! it’s so crazy to hear how much my voice has changed since recording this song pre-testosterone. This will be frequent during my career, and I can’t wait to hear my voice progress. This song is very important to me and I’m so glad you can finally hear.”

The recording is accompanied by a transfixing new video directed by Bailey Watts, which plays with the concepts of gender, drag and metamorphosis.

The new single follows the equally revelatory ‘It’s Happening Again’ feat. KUČKA, released in July this year, and comes with the announcement of Flowerkid’s highly anticipated debut EP, ‘Everyone Has A Breaking Point’, which is set for release on the 11th of November via Warner Music Australia.

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