Daniel Charles Cook – ‘Just The Way It Goes’

A talented new face on the music scene, Daniel Charles Cook first made his mark on the independent circuit two years ago when he first started to write and record songs at his home. It didn’t take long for passion to grow, and as 2020 arrived, he took the bold move of releasing his debut single, the aptly titled ‘Lockdown’.

Since then, Daniel has been a whirlwind of creativity, producing a string of stellar singles and his acclaimed debut album, but today, it’s his latest offering that we’re drawn to, the brilliant new cut, ‘Just The Way It Goes’. Influenced by some of the greats like Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and Thom Yorke, and with a penchant for timeless folk, rock and acoustic sounds, Daniel has become one of the independent scene’s most evocative talents, and his new single is a proud testament to that.

Built on a rustic vocal track that flows with a delicate country twang, ‘Just The Way It Goes’ is paired back and wonderfully nuanced, stripping away the gloss and glamour of mainstream sounds and returning to a more humble, authentic sound that pairs poetry, heart, and a simple acoustic guitar. Shining with a deep emotive sound and the gentlest hints of age-old Americana, the new single is arguably one of the most disarming releases we’ve heard in the last few years.

Available now on all major platforms, and as part of our annual Spotify playlist,‘Just The Way It Goes’ is an essential new release for all fans of country, folk, and old school rock. Check it out below alongside some stunning and wonderfully kaleidoscopic new visuals.

A timeless talent to watch out for, Daniel has never failed to draw out emotion or weave a classic tale in his music, and with ‘Just The Way It Goes’, he’s shown just how far he can go with a simple acoustic guitar and plenty of soul.

Tune in to the new single above and make sure you follow him on his social media pages below, so you never miss a new release.

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