Ghost Care - 'Partying'

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Your go-to polished indie-rockers, Ghost Care, bring in the new year strong with their latest single  ‘Partying’. They also announce big touring plans for the first half of the year as they accompany Spacey Jane as their main support for a string of east-coast stops in May alongside their own west-coast shows.

In a similar vein to Spacey Jane, Ball Park Music or Noah Dillon, Ghost Care take the core of indie-rock and meld it into their own hearting brand of triumphant tenderness that has seen them soar to over 785k streams across previous releases.

This latest single showcases a poignant mesh of bright cheery instrumentation conceals an undercurrent of deeper emotion, narrating the common frustrations of modern dating and being strung along.

Beau from the band explained, “'Partying' is for anyone with a broken heart. It’s about being strung along to find at the end of it all that person was never willing to fully commit. I had the initial idea for the chorus for years and when I used to sing the lyrics it made me laugh. Everything’s ‘rosie’, and then suddenly it gets deep and emotive. Recently, a few of my friends went through similar situations and that’s when the rest of the song fell into place.”

Ghost Care have once again teamed up with Director and film maker Cedric Tang (Tame Impala, Spacey Jane, The Teskey Brothers) to bring visuals to life for ‘Partying’ that narrate the permeating memories of an old high-school fling.

The band added, "Bringing this to reality we instantly thought of our good friend Paul. We actually met Paul because he was a fan of our music and he and his wife soon became our really good friends. I messaged Paul and asked if he would like to be in a clip. I probably didn’t explain his role very well. He thought he might be an extra for a short scene but he was the main character. He nailed the part though! We worked with Cedric Tang who took our vision and brought it to life. My favourite scene is at the end when Paul is singing with us as the lead singer. We did a whole take like that and none of us could stop smiling and laughing."

Their intensely loveable concoction of analogue-washed vocals, confident yet delicate harmonies, grooving drums and refined guitar soar to new heights, confirming the accolades and praise received throughout the past year.

The second half of 2022 saw Ghost Care travel interstate for the first time as a band. In September, they welcomed new audiences with an impeccable showcase at the annual music industry festival and conference BIGSOUND. Their inaugural journey east attracted a keen eye from media and radio, subsequently garnering praise and support from top-tier publications and radio such as The Sydney Morning Herald, Brisbane Times, Concrete Playground, WA Today, Music Feeds, Double J, triple j, AAA Backstage, Best Before and more. 

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