Juwan - 'Vent'

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A product of Māori and Samoan parents from Beach Haven, Aotearoa / New Zealand, Juwan, himself was born in Logan, Queensland and raised on the Gold Coast. He grew up listening to everything from Beach Haven’s own, Sir T, to the young GOAT, J. Cole, to the late great, Nipsey Hussle; absorbing their sounds, lyrics and messages that mixed with his own DNA to create something truly unique.

Adapting naturally to the early years of social media, Juwan expressed that uniqueness through freestyles that were uploaded online and were quickly shared around like the collection plate at church. They were freestyles filled with heart, wit, and conviction, and Juwan became the face of a new breed of MC you knew you had to keep an eye out for.

Throughout those same years, Juwan would hone his craft through two mixtapes, various features, and two well-received singles in the form of 'Preach' and 'Home' featuring Sam V. Juwan would also shift between Australia and New Zealand, reconnecting with his roots, family and the ever evolving hip hop scenes. 

Speaking of the new single, Juwan explained, “'Vent' reminds me of when I was thirteen writing lyrics in class while the teacher thought I was doing work. It’s 100% myself and my thoughts being channelled from my soul onto a page, and then onto a soft yet hard beat by my brother, SOLLYY. Unapologetically straight from the heart”

In 2022, we find Juwan back in the Sunshine State ready to unleash a new mixtape titled, 'Let the Story Begin…' which is entirely produced by West Sydney’s bright futurist, DJ and triple j presenter, SOLLYY (1300, Becca Hatch, CD, Pania). The project is a modern day tribute to the golden mixtape era and a nod to artists like Alicia Keys, SWV, Soulja Boy and Six60. Accompanying the audio are video clips to match, giving the listener and viewer a deeper understanding of Juwan and his art. 

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