Humble The Great and Kamal deliver a fresh bedroom pop anthem with 'u.'

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Humble the Great has been drip-feeding us his expertly produced, R&B rousers for a few months now steadily building a picture of this soul-searching songwriter. Now he throws all the feels at Valentine's Day with this reflective collaboration with label mate, Kamal. Together they untangle the effects of a broken relationship, striving to recover and repair for the future.

Signed to Neighbourhood Recordings (Dave, Kamal), pink dress was the first song we shared - a solemn love letter in song form that gave us insight into Humble’s writing style. It quickly gathered pace with media and fan support resulting in it being BBC Radio 1’s Introducing Track of The Week. dreams followed - a dreamy, lo-fi track which showcased Humble’s velvet vocals over layered harmonies, and explored the often anxiety-ridden nature of recurring dreams. 

'u.’ opens Pandora's box of what it is to be in love that little bit further. I dissection of an old relationship that has untold implications on your current and future self. How you deal with that and come to terms with the experience. As Humble explains, "'u.' is a reflection on a past unhealthy relationship. After a long time of being away from that, I was still struggling with the impacts of that toxicity in my life - and in low moments, wishing I’d never met them in the first place."

As he continues to stir up the London underground R&B scene, Humble has a tangible natural talent. His musical impact is only just beginning - expect great things from this young artist this year and beyond.

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