Dance music maverick Gryffin has unveiled new single ‘Last Of Us’ with Rita Ora

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Dance music maverick Gryffin has unveiled his new single ‘Last of Us’ featuring internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Rita Ora. The beginning of a new era for Gryffin, ‘Last of Us’ serves as the first track off his anticipated third studio album 'Pulse', due out later this year via Virgin Music Group.

‘Last of Us’ sees Gryffin hone in on the anthemic dance sounds that have cemented his status as a beloved electronic act. Ripe with bright, euphoric synthwork and pulsating basslines, Gryffin lays the groundwork for Rita Ora’s rich vocals and heartwarming tale of everlasting love. A paragon of the upbeat energy fans can expect on 'Pulse', ‘Last Of Us’ lends itself to Gryffin’s harmonious balance of dancefloor-focused melodies and emotive lyricism.

Speaking about the single, Gryffin shared, “‘Last of Us’ marks the beginning of a brand new era of music for me, and I couldn’t be more excited. ‘Last of Us gets back to the feelings and emotions I got when I first fell in love with dance music. I wanted this to have a euphoric, anthemic feel to it, but also be very emotional at the same time. Rita Ora completely elevated the song to another level once she brought her vocals into the track, and I’m so happy with how this turned out. Hope you enjoy the track as much as Rita and I had making it.”

Rita further added, “Working on this song with Gryffin has been such a dream!! We both have a shared love of EDM and dance music, and I’m so grateful he asked me to sing on this banger of a track. Get ready to dance!”

‘Last of Us is the first chapter of Gryffin’s forthcoming album. Inspired by the progressive sounds of his 2000s roots, 'Pulse' harnesses the uplifting energy and interpersonal spirit that first sparked his love of dance music. Set to arrive later this year, the album embraces the universal unity and emotional connectivity no matter the dance floor.

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