Huts on Beaches – ‘Coastal Signals’

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A band who are perfectly built for fans of Landhouse, Janus Rasmussen and Rival Consoles, Huts on Beaches arrived in September of this year, bringing with them a stark minimalist techno sound that shines triumphantly through bursts of organic house.

The creation of Karl Gauci and Keith Bunce, Huts on Beaches started through an obsession with old synths. Together, the pair began to buy and tinker with old synthesizers, experimenting with new styles and old tones to create their signature sound. The first taste of the duo’s oceanic blend, ‘Coastal Signals’ captures the feeling of freedom that follows expression, playing with warm and soft tones to create almost seven minutes of hazy, musical brilliance.

Mastered by David Vella at Temple Studios Malta, the single seamlessly blends bouncing bass tones with a solid kick, shaping the vintage sounds through some lovely synth layers and a subtle, cathartic melody. Previously, the band have said that their main goal is to keep expressing themselves through music, and on ‘Coastal Signals’, they’re set a strong and undeniable standard.

Speaking of the new cut, the band explained, “’Coastal Signals’ is our debut single, inspired by the freedom of expression in all forms of media, in our case, music. We live on a busy island; one of the few places to readjust is the sea. The calmness and the waves clear our mindset, hence our moniker. We wanted to give the listener an uplifting and welcoming atmosphere that reiterates the message that courage can always be found to express thoughts, even if it is difficult. Sonically, the single is dreamy yet punchy to reflect the challenge of expression.”

Along with the release of ‘Coastal Signals’, Huts on Beaches have also announced their upcoming sophomore single ‘Leap’, which will premiere on December 1st, 2022. For more, make sure you check out the band’s social media pages below. See.

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