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Chris Maragoth – ‘Fading Memories’

  • 2 min read

A brilliant musician who has been behind some titanic metal and rock releases like ‘Lost & Separated’ in 2022 and ‘Behind This Door’ in 2021. Two remarkable cuts, they set the foundation for Chris in the new year, and today, he’s come back in the best of ways, delivering a wonderfully melancholic release in ‘Fading Memories’.

No stranger to music or the industry, Chris Maragoth was founded in February 2017 after several other projects. Designed as a way to pursue his own musical endeavours, the self-titled project sees Chris freely writing, arranging, and recording his instrumental and vocal parts on his own, creating a unique and versatile creative space. In his early releases, Chris developed a nuanced, mostly melancholic musical style, cultivating a fluent transition between several genres of rock and metal music, which can best be described as modern rock and melodic metal.

While primarily a solo project, Chris occasionally collaborates with other musicians, friends and former bandmates, and on his new single, he’s joined forces with the talented RoT to produce a dark, mournful single like few others. Pinned by lines like “I want to remember and try to keep our love alive in my memories. You‘re fading away from me,” Chris explores lost love and failing memory, looking deep into the pain of losing someone special for that final time.

Speaking about the song, Chris explained, “’Fading Memories’ is a melancholic modern rock song that is about the fear of losing all great memories of a long-gone relationship. The song’s protagonist fights for keeping his memories because they are beginning to fade away slowly. He is still missing those long-gone times and some of these memories are still causing him pain, but nonetheless, he wants to keep them in his heart and mind. For him losing them feels like losing this love all over again.”

Available now on all major platforms, including Chris’ Bandcamp page, ‘Fading Memories’ is arguably one of Chris’ most evocative singles to date, and in true form, it comes with a deeply moving music video. Stream it above via YouTube.

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