Immute – ‘Constantine’

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A uniquely talented rapper and singer, Immute is a rare breed of artist. Born in Mauritius, but now based in Ireland, his work cuts through the mainstream rap scene and delivers something fierce and different, creating an experimental and wonderfully collaborative space.

An artist who is always looking to network with other artists and make music with musicians from all walks of life, Immute has been pushing the envelope for years, dominating Spotify and Soundcloud with tracks like ‘Middle Man’ and ‘Tread Lightly’. Mixing his heavy rap vocals on a Discord server alongside other artist who needed help with their music, Immute began to build his reputation, and today, he’s become one of the most hotly tipped independent talents around.

In his own words, Immute explained, “I always like to connect with other artists through music, editing, drawing, gaming and even joking around most of the time, which is why I partially run the server with other networking artists too. I always liked to produce music because it gets rid of stress I have and it gets me to focus mode, taking me away from the problems I got going on.

On his latest cut, Immute has gone all out, layering steady beats with a stark melodic delivery and utterly infectious energy. Hitting every note and moment on point, his vocals ebb and flow perfectly, blending with the instrumentals to create an undeniable rap anthem. Lyrically, he’s just as sharp, capturing moments of independent and realism like, “Don't forget who you be playing cards with around the table, I met one too many jokers signing up for record labels”, alongside some immersive audio grabs for the film of the same name.

Make sure you follow Immute on his social media pages below so you don’t miss out on any new releases, and head over to our annual Spotify playlist for 2022, where ‘Constantine is streaming alongside a string of impressive independent anthems.

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