Indie artist WCB sprinkles pop magic on 'Picnics & Liquor' with new single and video

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Sydney-based, New Zealand-bred singer-songwriter and producer WCB brings a refreshingly vibrant twist to his repertoire with the release of 'Picnics & Liquor'. The track introduces a delightful pop sensibility to his signature indie-electro sound, showcasing WCB's creative evolution.

Harnessing his production skills honed at Ableton Liveschool, WCB crafts a sonic experience that surprises and delights with its unexpected layers and textures. This artistic fearlessness hints at a boundless imagination, promising even more sonic exploration to come.

WCB's multi-faceted background in art, fashion, and dance is a driving force behind his music. He meticulously orchestrates every aspect from the sonic direction to the accompanying visuals. For 'Picnics & Liquor', the artist's vision is undeniably tangible. As WCB explained, “I wrote 'Picnics & Liquor' after a period in time when I was having backyard parties every other weekend, and my friends and I lived in this little queer bubble for days at a time. It is definitely a profession of love for my previous flat that had the most ridiculously large backyard filled with trees and wildlife, it was epic and kind of reminded me of where I grew up in Aotearoa (NZ) I also wanted to challenge myself to make something fun with a sort of nostalgic pop twist.”

The accompanying video shot solely on an iPhone undergoes a lo-fi vintage transformation through clever software manipulation. This, paired with the whimsical flower headpieces (made by friend Melissa Jones), creates a nostalgic, almost psychedelic atmosphere, perfectly aligned with the song's vibe.

"In the video, I wanted to lean into this 'Midsommar'esque culty energy, mixed with the mad hatter in Alice in Wonderland, if it was set in the late 60's early 70's. As an independent artist we had a shoestring budget, but it's amazing what you can do with a vision, a prayer and creative friends."

WCB's dedication to building a fully immersive experience goes even deeper. He describes his music and live performances as spiritually evocative, drawing upon his connection to pagan and Wiccan practices. This profound spiritual undercurrent infuses his work with an ethereal quality, hinting at otherworldly dimensions within his musical landscapes.

With 'Picnics & Liquor', WCB delivers an intoxicating blend of catchy pop hooks, intricate production, and a dash of mystical allure. It's a testament to his evolution as an artist and offers a tantalizing glimpse into the ever-expanding world of his creative vision. Fans hungry for music that engages the senses and hints at deeper meaning will find much to celebrate with WCB.

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