SAER illuminates with ‘Spectrum’ his new single celebrating neurodiversity

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SAER and Paul Griffin's single 'Spectrum' promises to be a deeply moving and empowering indie-pop rock anthem. Born from a wellspring of personal experience, the song is a testament to the strength of friendship and the importance of understanding and celebrating neurodiversity.

Griffin, drawing directly from his experiences as a father to an autistic daughter, penned the initial heart of 'Spectrum'. SAER, a close friend and collaborator, provided unwavering support during this journey, and their deep emotional discussions laid the foundation for the song. What began as a personal release has transformed into a powerful call for connection and empathy, a testament to the power of music to uplift and inspire.

Musically, 'Spectrum' deftly blends the synth-driven sounds of CHVRCHES and MGMT with the anthemic energy of Muse and Imagine Dragons. Energetic synthesizers dance with robust guitar riffs, creating a sonic backdrop that's both dynamic and emotionally charged. SAER's heartfelt vocals carry the weight of the song's message, delivering crafted melodies that honours the complexities and vibrancy of individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

Further amplifying the impact of 'Spectrum' is a visually stunning music video directed by Paul Griffin. Harnessing the power of AI and stable diffusion technology, the video turns a simple performance into a tapestry of diverse faces symbolizing the spectrum of human experience. Set against a mesmerizing cyberpunk backdrop, the video invites viewers on a moving journey that mirrors the song's emotional core.

SAER's commitment to making a difference extends beyond the music. To coincide with the launch of 'Spectrum' and World Autism Acceptance Week 2024, SAER will headline a special fundraising event for the National Autistic Society. This intimate West Midlands concert will use music and storytelling to raise awareness, offering a space for connection and understanding.

'Spectrum' showcases SAER's artistic growth, tackling a sensitive and important subject with nuance and genuine passion. The single aims not only to raise awareness of the neurodiverse community but to inspire all of us to embrace individuality and look beyond labels. It's a call for a more inclusive and compassionate world, delivered through a powerful and unforgettable song.

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