Indie-pop sensation Chelsea Reed delivers a gorgeous piano-based ballad in 'The Apple'

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Chelsea Reed, Newcastle's rising indie-pop sensation, has recently shared her latest stunning single 'The Apple'. Drawing inspiration from iconic artists like Kate Bush, Lana Del Rey, and ELO, Chelsea's newest piano-based ballad arrives as a soul-stirring journey through the depths of emotion.

More than just another alt-pop release, 'The Apples' arrives as a testament to resilience, a musical embrace for anyone who has experienced the cathartic release of moving on from a toxic relationship. As Chelsea describes it, "for anyone who has ever felt that relief after finally getting over someone who was no good."

From the very first note, 'The Apple' enchants listeners with its ethereal charm, leaving them spellbound with its haunting beauty. It's a perfect backdrop for Chelsea's remarkable talent, not only as a vocalist but also as a gifted songwriter. With every moment, she weaves a narrative that resonates deeply with the listener, inviting them to immerse themselves in the raw emotion of her music.

With the release of 'The Apple', Chelsea offers a raw and honest glimpse into her innermost thoughts and feelings, inviting listeners to join her on a profoundly personal journey. Along with the single, Chelsea has also shared the accompanying music video, transporting viewers into Chelsea's world, where every frame is a reflection of the song's emotional depth and complexity.

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