Melbourne's Catholic Guilt have teamed up with Wiretap Records on new single 'I Used To Be Someone'

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Catholic Guilt's 'I Used To Be Someone' isn't just a song – it's a gut punch of relatable angst and a sonic journey through the ache of a changing world. Teaming up with Wiretap Records, the Australian outfit tackles heavy themes with raw power: the existential ache of feeling like a "never-was" and the jarring disconnect of a gentrified hometown.

From the opening lines, Catholic Guilt paints a vivid picture. It's not just the town that's changed; it's the speaker's place within it. Nostalgic haunts hold no comfort, and old friends have become strangers. This displacement leaves them spiralling into an endless cycle of questions about their place in and value to the world.

Musically, 'I Used To Be Someone' is a surprise package. While rooted in the band's signature blend of alternative rock, punk, and pop, there's a newfound expansiveness to their sound. A haunting, nostalgic atmosphere lingers, only to be shattered by a thrilling, prog-flavored bridge. It's unexpected, daring, and underscores the restless energy of the track. The vocal interplay between Brenton Harris and Megan Sidwell is electric, drawing the listener deep into the emotional core of the song. The production, helmed by The Loud Noise Estate, gives 'I Used To Be Someone' a sonic depth while skillfully referencing the band's influences. It's a testament to Catholic Guilt's growth, retaining its edge while exploring exciting new territory.

The accompanying animated video by Jed Newton is a melancholic masterpiece. Two cats navigate a town overrun by dogs, a playful yet poignant parallel to the song's themes. Newton's signature style, infused with Brenton's personal memories, delivers a visual narrative brimming with bittersweet humour and evocative imagery.

Catholic Guilt's 'I Used To Be Someone' is a poignant anthem for anyone who's felt lost in a world that seems to change faster than they can keep up. Its raw emotion, dynamic sound, and evocative video make for a release that stays with you long after the last note fades.

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