Into The Current - 'Out Of Reach'

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A band from Cleveland, Ohio, Into The Current have been hard at work on their debut single 'Out Of Reach', combining decades of experience with a classic rock 'n' roll edge. Released earlier this year, and available on all streaming services, the single is a driving initiation into their world.

Comprised of five Northeast Ohio natives who have been playing music for most of their lives, Into The Current have set a brilliant standard with their debut single, delivering a sound that is befitting their years of experience. Lashing out with a sound that will bring you right back to the classic rock music of the 1970’s and 1980’s, 'Out Of Reach' comes crashing down with timeless anthemics, melodic guitar riffs, and plenty of passion, outlining the story of a relationship that can’t quite get to the next level.

Speaking about the single, drummer Gary Skiba said, "We’ve been told for a couple of years that this is the sort of music people love, but that no one writes anymore." He continued, “We wrote this song to not only evoke a feeling of nostalgia, but to also create a sound that has been lost in the current music industry.”

“It’s a situation a lot of us can relate to,” said Skiba. “But it’s a little bit different because it’s the guy that wants the commitment, and the girl is wavering. This song is about the guy wanting more than just a surface level thing.”

From start to finish, Out of Reach showcases a group of musicians with seasoned talent, passion for music, and a love for classic rock and roll. “We just want people to have a good time when they listen to our music,” said Skiba. “We’re not trying to be new and hip, and we certainly don’t have any gimmicks in our tunes. We’re just a bunch of old guys who still love playing and writing good songs.”

Into The Current is currently recording new music in The Remnant Room studio in Chardon and will be playing at local venues this summer, including a benefit concert with proceeds going towards supporting foster children in the area.

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