Ducktail – ‘Over’

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After leaving a successful career on Wall Street behind him, EDM artist and producer Ducktail has carved out a new life, creating an anthem of sheer reassurance with his debut single, ‘Over’. A new song that artfully illuminates a spiritual decision-making green light, ‘Over’ aims to guide his audience into the endless possibilities that await in the unknown.

Featuring Grammy-nominated, platinum artist Kristal Oliver, the singe is a fierce burst of riotous, punk-heavy energy, kicking up the dust with a driven electro-soul sound that sparks with potential. Drawing inspiration from his own personal journey, ‘Over’ kicks off a thematic three-part release summer saga, shining brightly with Future Bass production and building waves of raucous euphoria. Mixed and mastered by Gosteffects, it’s a single that can brighten even the darkest of moments.

Speaking openly about the new single, Ducktail explained, “’Over’ is all about following your passion and finding happiness along the way. Music has always been the greatest source of happiness in my life. So, in a way, Ducktail was created to repay the debt I felt I owed to something that's given me so much. Lyrically, Over is a testament to pursuit and passion; it quells decisional regret, something we’ve all experienced.”

Along with the release of the new single, Ducktail is also teasing a string of new singles and music videos. Each one will incorporate memories of New Zealand and Southeast Asia, delivering a first-person point of view that will draw the listener in. You can start the saga now with ‘Over’ below.

For his debut single the NYC native has artfully taken future bass to unchartered territory, joining forces with an EDM icon to push the sonic envelope. Armed with anthemic electro-pop crescendos, polished EDM elements, and groove-oriented progressions, Ducktail is embracing the future of the genre with an unmistakable vision.

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