Ischariotzcky – ‘Fury of the Nile’

A few months ago, we were lucky enough to premiere Ischariotzcky’s stunning, but criminally under-rated single ‘Commitment’. It was a triumphant and wonderfully intoxicating single that carried on the mantle of the band’s debut album, pushing them forward with sharp production and a dynamic pop sound that was simply undeniable. Now, we're proud to premiere another incredible track from Ischariotzcky, the intimate, expressive and wonderfully anthemic, ‘Fury of the Nile’.

A dynamic new single that sees frontman Joško Klarić daring to combine classic sounds with the already recognizable indie-pop stylings that he has nurtured in his compositions so far, ‘Fury of the Nile’ is everything we’ve come to expect from the band and more. A deft collaboration that sees Klarić working closely with violinist Boris Tajm, the single shines with textured string sections that ultimately contribute to the cinematic impression of the piece as a whole.

"Boris came to see me last summer, he had a performance in Makarska, and we decided to start a joint song without any special concept.” Klarić explained, “As he is a violinist, it was quite clear that the strings would be ubiquitous."

Alongside the strings, ‘Fury of the Nile’ is also a free space in which Klarić can continue to experiment, playing with immersive vocal effects that create an ominous atmosphere with a distinct hint of horror. Filled with raw emotions and the idea that when we can’t make meaningful connections with the people we care about, controlling our inner demons can become almost unbearable, it’s a single that speaks to the darkest parts of our psyches.

Alongside the new single, academic graphic artist Duje Medić has created a visual depicting two faces, a crowned woman, and a crowned madwoman, over which hangs a theme from which there is no escape. The Nile then becomes a symbol of a catastrophe in front of whose rage there is no salvation. With this poem, Ischariotzcky takes the listener to a darker place where he creates his own meaning of the poem through an abstract text.

With the help of cinematographers from his loyal collaborators Goran Stojkić (BONK studio) and Tomislav Dugandžić (Plutons Productions) in charge of special effects, Klarić uses the rustic and beautiful landscape of Brela to emphasize the drama of the song perfectly, amplifying the visceral nature of the piece tenfold.

With previous single ‘Commitment’, Ischariotzcky made a breakthrough in the foreign market, and now with the release of ‘Fury of the Nile’, it’s becoming more and more clear that their upcoming album is going to change the scene in a major way.

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