Heavy AmericA – ‘Tails’

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A titanic trio from Boston, Massachusetts, Heavy AmericA are arguably one of the fiercest acts in the rock scene right now. A band that has drawn praise and been favourably described as “every genre of rock”, the trio of Michael T. Seguin, Budd Lapham, and Dan Fried have made their mark by blending a diverse range of influences and experience into a unique and wonderfully bold rock sound. After first making their mark back in 2015 with the release of their eponymous debut record, they’ve become a fixture of the independent scene, and now, with the release of new cut ‘Tails’, they’re about to go global.

A single that encapsulates their most authentic and fearsome sound to date, ‘Tails’ is a deft blend of clever lyrics, versatile instrumentals, and devastating hooks. Musically, there’s a lot on show, and as ‘Tails’ builds momentum is unleashes a titanic wave of crushing, distorted guitar, thunderous percussion, and a bassline that simply refuses to quit. Lyrically, Heavy AmericA pulls no punches, delivering a scathing message that reflects the dark tones of the track. With lines like “Never nothing evermore, is this what you waited for?”, the band make their intentions clear in each verse, while the simple, but powerful refrain in each chorus emphasises the power of the track in perfect form.

Alongside the new track, Heavy AmericA has also released a visceral music video that further enhances the tone of the song and further brings listeners into the fold. Opening with a simple shot of the album cover, it transitions to a simple black and white narrative that incorporates textured visuals of skeleton heads, knives, and more. Produced by Frank Aveni, it’s an eerily affecting piece, one that has attracted over 14,000 streams views already.

You can stream the brand new single below alongside the music video, or head to the band’s official website where you can buy the track and lend your support to their cause.

A unique piece that perfectly illustrates the band’s power and proficiency, ‘Tails’ is arguably one of the most evocative rock anthems you’ll hear this year, as well as a perfect follow-up to their first single of 2021, the brilliant ‘Generation Lame’. Tune in above and be sure to follow Heavy AmericA on their social media pages below so you never miss a release.

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