Jef Kurowski – ‘ONE SHOT’

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An indie trap-pop artist from the heart of the Netherlands, Jef Kurowski might have only just surfaced on our radar, but he’s hit harder than any other artist we’ve discovered this year. An inspired new artist on a mission to connect people that are feeling lost, isolated, or in need of a shoulder to lean on, Jef’s music is a visceral blend of deep human moments and sharp trap sounds that inspire and entertain in brilliant fashion. Today, we’re shining a spotlight on one of his most impressive releases, the dynamic single, ‘ONE SHOT’.

After noticing that people around him tended not to speak openly about their feelings, choosing instead to suppress emotions and negative thoughts, Jef knew that he needed to make a change. Boldly stepping out into the wild, Jef chose to wear his heart on his sleeve, standing firm and pushing to prove that all of us are connected by our hardships, and we’re never really alone. Challenging the mindset of simply suppressing your negative emotions, Jef’s music asks us all to embrace our emotions as a part of who we are, and to express them in a healthy way that can lead us all to a better way of life.

To do this, he created his own unique blend of trap and modern pop, taking an energetic and wonderfully genuine sound and using it as a vehicle to express his own thoughts and feelings. With a unique musical taste that he blends into his own music, Jef creates a bright signature sound that shines with elements of Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, Enter Shikari, Dir en Grey, Panic! At the Disco!, Fall Out Boy, Blink 182, and more.

With ‘ONE SHOT’, Jef has well and truly realised his mission, delivering an avant-garde trap sound that is layered with polished production, heavy beats and a rare, contagious form of energy. Like a breath of fresh air, the new single establishes itself with ease, delivering an uplifting and wonderfully memorable track that will surely find universal success. You can stream the new cut below alongside its official music video.

The first in a series of eight singles that will be coming out in the next four months, ‘ONE SHOT’ is a massive release that is sure to impress. Check it out, turn it up loud, and then head over to Spotify where you can Jef’s latest single ‘LOST’.

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