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Kye Keen – ‘Uncharted’

  • 2 min read

A vibrant new talent bringing his own unique flair to Sydney’s blossoming music scene, Kye Keen is arguably one of the most exciting and inspiring alt-pop artists active today. An openly gay icon who aims to use music as a way to connect people and fight the stigma still faced by the LGBT+ community, Kye has spent the last few years crafting an intoxicating style that is both effortlessly charming and deeply evocative. On his latest release, the stunning ‘Uncharted’, Kye has delivered a perfect illustration of his sound, along with a stunning new music video.

Taken from his recent six-track release ‘Open and Out’, the new single is a heartfelt pop track that will capture the hearts and minds of all who hear it. Written and produced by Chris Arnott and Rian Reynolds, the ‘Uncharted’ is a bold musical statement, one that arrives on a wave of glistening synth tones and an almost ethereal electronic beat. It’s a song that grows perfectly with each chorus, heightening the sense with vibrant dance-pop aesthetics, while the all the while Kye keeps your attention with his smooth, calling vocals.

Lyrically, the song speaks of love, equality, and finding your own special place in the world, and Kye delivers his message in perfect form, capitalising on the cinematic sound to create a truly enchanting experience. Speaking openly about his inspiration for ‘Uncharted’, Kye explained, “As many people in the queer community will tell you, the hardest part is the start, finding a place where you are comfortable enough to be yourself is both freeing and inspiring. Although we all come with our own stories along the way everyone has this key moment of freedom that they will remember for the rest of their lives.”

Alongside the release of the single, Kye is also championing the brand-new music video, released only recently, and starring Kye himself, along with Rian Reynolds, Malaika Mfalme, and Andrew Fraser. Directed by the brilliant Natalie Verriest, the video further enhances the weight and power behind the song, offering a dynamic series of visual that perfectly complements the song.

Along with the release of ‘Uncharted’, you can also stream ‘Open and Out’ today on all major platforms. A stellar six-track release that urges everyone to be proud of who they are and to live their best lives, it’s easily one of the most important alt-pop releases of this or any other year.

You can find the new album on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and more, and be sure to follow Kye Keen online, so you never miss a release or an update.

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