Jonah – ‘Trust the Process’

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A brilliant talent who has been laying the foundation for a meteoric rise, Jonah has been making melodic rap anthems for years now. Capitalising on a prolific string of hits that shine with his unique flow, Jonah has been building an empire, cutting tracks, starting his own label, and setting up the release of his new album, ‘Stay Cozy’.

After starting the year with the brilliant ‘Priceless’, a track that boasted a wonderfully spacious melody with high-stepping alt-RnB aesthetics, Jonah has continued to impress, setting the bar ever higher with each new release. Today, we’re shining a spotlight on what is the third single and video to be taken from his new sixteen-track record, with ‘Trust the Process’ reflecting Jonah state of mind over the past few months.

A release that sees Jonah at his most emotive and reflective, ‘Trust the Process’ is as honest and autobiographical as we’ve ever seen him. Speaking about the new track, Jonah explained that it’s about “the stress and things I’ve been through and how I maintain with a strong mindset focused on my goals and keeping myself happy.”

Along with the new single, Jonah has also shared the official music video for the track, adding a simple comment alongside the video that reads, “Welcome to my life. Trust the process and play your cards right, things will turn in your favor.”

Along with the track and the new album, Jonah has also announced his very own Patreon page, offering fans the chance to give remix requests, early viewings of music videos, and behind-the-scenes cuts.

Make sure you follow Jonah on his social media pages below so you don’t miss out, and head over to our annual Spotify playlist for 2022, where ‘Trust the Process’ is streaming alongside a string of impressive independent anthems.

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