Julia-Sophie Reveals New Single 'Telephone', A Dreamy Dive into Heartbreak

Julia-Sophie, previously a founder of Little Fish, has toured the US with renowned artists like Blondie, Courtney Love, and Juliette Lewis. She gained millions of streams with her dream pop collective, Candy Says, whose songs featured in films like ‘Close’ and ‘Burn Burn Burn.’ Now, she is carving out her own path in the music world, having received praise from notable outlets like The Quietus, Bandcamp Daily, TLOBF, Lauren Laverne, and many others.

Released last Thursday, 'Telephone' is the breathless and dreamy second single from 'forgive too slow,’ the highly-anticipated debut solo album from the avant-garde electronic artist. This release follows May’s critically acclaimed 'numb' and is accompanied by a music video filled with hazy heartbreak.

'Telephone' dives deep into heartbreak and longing, creating a dreamy and hazy atmosphere. The track opens with a breathless quality, drawing listeners into its ethereal world with the first notes. Julia-Sophie’s vocals glide over layers of rich synthesisers, creating a soundscape that mirrors the complexities of emotional vulnerability. The slow, pulsating rhythm underscores the urgency of her message, echoing the longing and desire in her words.

“In ‘Telephone’, I wanted to communicate that feeling of true wistful love, the feeling you have when you find that one person who makes you feel more alive than anyone else ever has. It feels magical. But then, as always for me, real life comes in and fucks it all up. Once again, I find myself trapped by the stories of my past, the ones I spend my life trying to run from, only to find myself alone,” Julia-Sophie shares.

'Telephone' is the latest chapter in Julia-Sophie’s intriguing musical journey, which has spanned from being an international major-label artist to composing film scores and embracing motherhood. Her debut album, ‘forgive too slow,’ is an ambitious exploration of relationships and the consequences of not forgiving swiftly. The songs narrate her journey of self-destruction, love, and loss, with each track adding to the emotional depth of the album.

'Telephone' reflects on missed opportunities and the ache of unspoken words, exploring the intricacies of human relationships with poignant clarity. The single is now available, leading up to the release of ‘forgive too slow’ on vinyl via Brooklyn’s Ba Da Bing Records on July 26th.

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