Vancouver-based psych-pop duo Groove Saloon Unleash Debit Single 'If I Don't Make It'

Vancouver-based psych-pop duo Groove Saloon, comprised of Daniel McBurnie and Graham Gomez, has finally unleashed their debut single and video, 'If I Don't Make It', marking a significant departure from their folk-rock roots with former band Good For Grapes.

'If I Don't Make It' captures the raw emotions and awkward pauses of a romantic breakup, wrapped in a deceptively upbeat melody. This cosmic gumbo of a track blends psych-pop, hip-hop, and rock, showcasing the duo's evolution from their folk-rock beginnings to a more experimental sound.

Recorded with a single microphone in a dimly lit bedroom, the DIY spirit behind the song extends to the music video, filmed with a smartphone and improvised lighting. "I can't get half my widgets to work, and Siri won't talk to me anymore," quipped Dan McBurnie about their resourceful approach.

This release signals a new era for Groove Saloon, who previously worked with renowned producers in iconic studios like Vancouver's The Warehouse. Now, with 'If I Don't Make It', they've embraced a more independent and experimental path, creating a sound that is uniquely their own.

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