Juliette Irons – ‘Skydive’

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Originally from Toronto, Canada, Juliette Irons moved to Los Angeles at the young age of eighteen, determined to pursue a career in dance and music. With a musical background and a passion for driven pop-punk sounds, she’s been bringing her signature, snarling sound to the mainstream for years, and in true form, she just keeps on getting better and better.

Her latest titanic single, ‘Skydive’ arrives as an anthem for the heartbroken, delivering a lashing of rap verse and vindicating pop-punk sounds that will have you cheering. Purpose-built to deliver a flurry of punchy pop anthemics, the new single leaves no genre untouched as it pulls in hip-hop beats and demure rap bars that spill over pop hooks and melodic rock guitars.

Alongside the bold new cut, Juliette has also shared an equally explosive video, which builds on the deeply metaphorical content of the lyrics, pushing the imagery to new heights and delivering an unashamed exploration of the heartbreak, depression, and anxiety that often swarms after a bad break up. As Juliette explained, “’Skydive’ was inspired by the confusion that comes from whirlwind heartbreak. I had just come out of a brief rollercoaster situation-ship that ended abruptly without much explanation. I felt like I had been thrown from a moving plane, woke up on the ground, and I was the only one who jumped.”

“I had given everything to this person, only to end up a shell of myself as I picked up the pieces. I hope this song can help other people going through a similar ungrounding shock to the system, and we can be empowered through it together.”

Alternative pop-punk at its finest, Juliette does not hold back on the new single, creating a mixed-genre explosion that pushes its way to the fore and refuses to be quietened. Available now, it’s a single not to be missed.

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