Maggie Slater - 'Pulp

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Returning with her first new music for the year, Queensland indie artist Maggie Slater nails passion, frustration and catharsis on ‘Pulp’. The title itself is visceral, as is Slater’s presence on the track. Following on from previous releases such as ‘Stability’ in 2020 and of course, her debut album In Bloom in 2019, Slater is at a new creative peak with ‘Pulp’ – the perfect entry to a whole new chapter as an artist.

Written during the first lockdown of 2020 in her hometown of Kuranda, ‘Pulp’ originated during a period of upheaval for Slater. Having relocated to Melbourne to further her artistic career, she found herself back home in Queensland at the beginning of what we all know became an elongated period of time put on pause. Inspired by the Gillian Flynn novel Gone Girl, ‘Pulp’ explores the toxicity of relationships from a young person’s perspective. Through her lens, Slater injects raw emotion into the composition, breeding an engaging and charismatic hit of indie-rock.

Maggie explained, “‘Pulp’ explores the detrimental impact of unhealthy early relationships that many young people, particularly women, experience when they’re young. The song examines this dynamic retrospectively, making space for feminine frustration and pulling influence from female-fronted rock bands of the ‘90s and ‘00s.”

For the music video, Slater brought the song to life with the help of her best friends, shooting the clip in Brunswick. Directed by Hugo Morgan and co-produced by Slater and her housemate Ella, the music video for ‘Pulp’ was inspired by real life conversations and concepts.

Recent years have seen Slater emerge as a strong new voice out of the East Coast indie circuit. Her debut headline tour saw Slater sell out The Brightside in Brisbane, and make significant impact at venues in Cairns, Melbourne and on the Gold Coast. She has supported artists including Kate Miller-Heidke, Didirri, Mama Kin and Greta Stanley, all the while consistently building a fan base that has followed her from release to release.

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