Kaiwyn Teams Up with Celyn Chow for Hopeful Pop-Rock Anthem 'Cupidtised'

Australian singer-songwriter and doctor Kaiwyn unveiled his latest single, 'Cupidtised', today, a love-struck pop-rock anthem featuring Malaysian vocalist Celyn Chow. The upbeat track marks a departure from Kaiwyn's previous releases, embracing a hopeful outlook on love despite past heartbreaks.

Written over a decade ago and dusted off for a fresh recording, 'Cupidtised' captures the feeling of love at first sight with a playful mix of excitement and caution. The song's title, a playful combination of 'Cupid' and 'traumatised', reflects this sentiment.

Kaiwyn, known for his signature key changes, infuses the song with a soaring melody that escalates through three key shifts. Meanwhile, Celyn Chow's vocals complement Kaiwyn's own, resulting in a harmonious duet that showcases the pair's shared passion for pop-punk and early 2000s pop-rock.

Produced by Simon Dobson at Lakehouse Audio, 'Cupidtised' features bright guitar and drum sounds, whimsical xylophone melodies, and even the cheerful chirping of local birds.

'Cupidtised' is a reminder that love can blossom even after heartache, encouraging listeners to embrace the innocence of being lovestruck while remaining aware of potential pitfalls. As Kaiwyn puts it, the song aims to shift the narrative from "hopeless romantics" to a more optimistic and hopeful outlook on love.

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