King Stingray Serve Up Feel-Good Anthem 'Best Bits' with a Retro Twist

King Stingray, the beloved Arnhem Land five-piece, have unleashed their latest single 'Best Bits', a sun-drenched celebration of life's simple pleasures. Accompanied by a hilarious, heartwarming music video directed by Sam Brumby, the track is a delightful homage to the golden age of Australian television, set on a fictional 1980s variety show also named 'Best Bits'.

"'Best Bits' is a song about all the best parts of life all poured into one moment," the band explains. "It's about those ripper-of-a-day type moments, those warm days in the sunshine with your mates, with your family or a loved one."

Evoking nostalgia for a simpler time, the song speaks to the importance of cherishing life's everyday joys in a world often consumed by digital distractions. "It's about simple living in a complex digital world," they add, "and although it can be hard to articulate in just a few words, a feeling that is so massive and profound. Sometimes all the best bits of life are already all around us! Yo manymak!"

The release of 'Best Bits' coincides with the announcement of King Stingray's regional tour, kicking off in July. Fans across the country will have the chance to experience the band's infectious energy and uplifting sound live, including their new single. Jem Cassar-Daley will join the group as support.

With a sophomore album in the works, the band has been teasing fans with snippets of their new music on social media. Following the critical acclaim of their 2022 self-titled debut, anticipation for their next release is reaching fever pitch. With 'Best Bits', King Stingray have solidified their reputation as a band who create music that is both joyful and deeply resonant.

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