Hayden Calnin's 'All Kinds Of Light' EP Illuminates Growth and Gratitude

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter and producer Hayden Calnin is set to illuminate the music scene once again with his upcoming EP, 'All Kinds Of Light', slated for release on August 9th.

Following the success of his previous record, 'A Turning Of The Tide', Calnin's latest offering promises a journey of profound introspection and positive transformation.

Describing his previous album as a "big change album," Calnin reflects on his evolution as an artist and individual. Now, with 'All Kinds Of Light', he delves deeper into the realms of self-discovery and enlightenment. Inspired by his travels to Colombia in 2023, the EP embodies a sonic tapestry woven from the sounds and experiences gathered during his transformative journey.

"'All Kinds Of Light' speaks predominantly about positive growth as a person and also about light in all its spectrums," explains Calnin. "It's a timestamp for me, about a really transformative trip to a part of the world I had not seen before."

The EP's lead single, 'All These Kinds of Light', serves as a poignant reflection of Calnin's newfound perspective. Its accompanying video, shot amidst the serene landscapes of Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, captures the essence of the track's message. Calnin's profound connection with nature underscores his celebration of light as a unifying force amidst life's chaos.

In Calnin's own words, "'Light, it's what this all is… We are one and everything, and I’m celebrating that. Around all the chaos, there’s a beautiful world."

With 'All Kinds Of Light', Hayden Calnin invites listeners on a transformative journey of self-discovery and gratitude. Each track serves as a testament to the power of embracing change and finding solace in the beauty that surrounds us. As the EP's release draws near, anticipation mounts for the radiant musical experience that awaits.

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