Kirrah Amosa – ‘(Don't Want To) Start Again’

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A stunning Australian/Samoan artist who has been living in the music industry since the tender age of seven, Kirrah Amosa has quickly become one of the nation’s most impressive talents. With an arsenal of sounds and styles at her disposal, Kirrah has gone from strength to strength in recent years, supporting artists like Rita Ora, Jess Glynne, and James Arthur, while also earning roles in musicals like Hamilton Australia, Rent, and Legally Blonde.

Since 2018, Kirrah has been releasing her own original music, delving into a gorgeous sound that lingers somewhere between contemporary pop and lush hip-hop. In the three years that have followed, Kirrah has proven her abilities time and time again, dropping a steady string of releases including her debut EP and a series of critically acclaimed singles.

In her latest release, the lavish ‘(Don't Want To) Start Again’, Kirrah has continued to prove why she is one of Australia’s most impressive new talents, fusing tropical vibes, refreshing sounds, and her soulful, tactile vocals into a gorgeous new single. Layering deep, ambient synths with subtle, heartfelt percussion, Kirrah builds the new single perfectly, creating a dark, sultry sound that washes over you and leaves a lasting impression. As the instrumentals settle, Kirrah’s vocal harmonies take the spotlight and create a completely enchanting aural experience.

Speaking candidly about the new single Kirrah explained how she had been forced to put her life on hold and leave L.A., moving back to Canberra while her relationship fell apart around her, “After a couple of months of rapidly-building anxiety, and my first ever anxiety attack, this track was created in its entirety in one two-hour sitting. Sharing deeply personal emotional strain on a public platform is a first for me but after sitting with this song for nine months, having many nights alone with my own mind, taking my mental health for romantic dinners and runs around the lake, and having countless healthy conversations with personal and professional support, I’ve come to the wild realisation that it was okay to hit rock bottom.” She continued, “I pray this track can be someone’s loving reminder that diamonds are made from intense pressure, and you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.”

To complete the experience, Kirrah has paired the song with an equally captivating video featuring herself and two dancers in perfectly synchronized choreography. Check it out below.

With a mission to combine her passion for music with her own culture, Kirrah’s music creates a vibrant, soulful world of its own, stitching together bold and fiercely original sounds into a vibrant, intoxicating style that is unique to her.

Tune into the new single above and be sure to follow Kirrah on her social media pages below so you can follow her incredible journey through money.

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