London's ArkAngel47 dives into a world of genre-bending sounds in 'Nostalgia'

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Northwest London rapper, vocalist, and producer ArkAngel47 is on a mission to carve his own musical niche. Drawing inspiration from his childhood immersion in grime, rap, and his parents' eclectic musical tastes, the talented artist began releasing singles in 2021, setting the foundation for a diverse and dynamic career to come. His first release of 2024, ArkAngel47 has showcased a renewed focus and bold sonic vision in new track 'Nostalgia'.

A prime example of this creative experimentation, 'Nostalgia' arrives with a bold blend of new wave, grime, and alt-hip-hop, exploring the bittersweet pull of memory. The track's smooth flow, glitchy beats, and haunting backing vocals paint a vivid picture of past longing, while the accompanying music video further showcases his artistic vision.

Speaking about the new single, ArkAngel47 shared, “This latest release is a tale of nostalgia; a throwback to the things that made my childhood feel so amazing, while also coming to terms with the fact I won’t be able to experience them times again.”

'Nostalgia' was mixed and mastered at Kabin Studios with Kult Eviction, hinting at the potential for major growth in ArkAngel47's trajectory. The track's potent blend of relatable themes and genre-bending sound signals an artist unafraid to break boundaries. With a hypnotic and genre-fluid soundscape, ArkAngel47's new single connects on a visceral level, affirming that nostalgia is a universal feeling.

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