Big Bus Dream embarks on an inviting musical journey with new video ‘Hello’

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With a style that's deeply personal, yet wonderfully accessible and universal, Big Bus Dream seamlessly combines style and substance in his new album ‘Hello’. An album that takes the lead from ‘90s pop and indie rock anthemics, ‘Hello’ placed Big Bus Dream firmly on our radar, and today, we’re proud to showcase the immersive video for the album’s sonically-charged title track.

A perfect accompaniment to the track, the new video for ‘Hello’ is just as engaging and explorative as the sounds, adding a brilliant new layer to the experience. Drenched in clever transitions and AI-generated art, the video seamlessly shifts between scenes and moments, creating an engaging visual that draws you in time and time again.

Musically, ‘Hello’ has never sounded more expressive or invigorating, capitalising on infectious energy, layered, passionate vocals, and a shifting focus that steps seamlessly between styles and genres. It’s an adventure like no other, opening up new soundscapes and letting you drift between them, pushed on by electric guitar, tempered drums, and a free, wandering vibe.

Through the lead single, and the album as a whole, Big Bus Dream doesn't simply invite you on a musical journey – he crafts an atmosphere that lingers in your senses long after the last note fades. This is an album, and an artist, worth diving into and allowing yourself to become lost within.

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