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LOUV – ‘Power’

  • 2 min read

A Naarm/Melbourne-based artist making waves, LOUV has recently unleashed her debut single, and it's an absolutely stunning indie-pop anthem. Titled ‘Power’, the new single is as captivating as it is experimental, combining a maelstrom of sounds, styles, and genres into a meteoric single about finding your own personal sense of power.

A self-assured proclamation of the artist’s inner strength, ‘Power’ offers listeners their first taste of LOUV’s lush, multidisciplinary world, weaving together ephemeral elegance and jarring discordance, that beautifully contrasts the boldness and detail of her production. Armed with a raw vocal performance that outlines the inner narrative of the single, ‘Power’ is a single that speaks to the heart and defies all preconceived notions.

LOUV describes the process of writing Power as one of catharsis, “initially the song was about me reclaiming my energy from the pain of ending another relationship, but the song grew to be a way for me to use that heartbreak as fuel to find my strength and come into my own power.”

Alongside the release of the single, LOUV is also championing the official music video, which sees the story of the song reinforced by an evocative dance routine in which LOUV fights to reclaim her power from outer and inner forces, eventually discovering it within, where no one and nothing can take it away.

Glimpses into LOUV’s world of sound design and dance have already been seen through their feature contribution on Aphir’s 2020 LP, ‘Republic of Paradise’, and their supporting set for the launch of the record, as well as through their involvement with event collective, ‘Fem Fantasy’ which saw them organise and perform sold-out shows including a Midsumma Festival event alongside Lupa J and The Merindas.

With the release of Power, LOUV moves dauntlessly into the foreground of her creative vision to convey a message that many can benefit from during this uncertain time.

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