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Jordi Forniés – ‘Soluble Leaf’

  • 2 min read

A Spanish musician, composer, and visual artist who is currently making his name in Singapore, Jordi Forniés has become one of the most powerful and prominent neo-classical artists of the modern age. Always contemplative and expansive, Jordi’s compositions draw on emotive neoclassical sounds and ambient electronic tones, creating a unique blend of traditional and modern styles that never fail to impress.

Composing for piano, strings, and small ensembles, and working with studio recordings alongside electronic elements, Jordi’s works are characterised by a continuum between tender overarching refrains and defined sequences with increasing momentum. His most recent, and arguably most contemplative release, ‘Soluble Leaf’ is a gorgeous new piece, one that speaks to our souls in a way that is personal, intimate, and different for every listener.

Released and composed with the brilliant cello player Štěpán Švestka, ‘Soluble Leaf’ explores the idea that music is the ultimate universal language, and how it can be used to express things that can't be expressed any other way.

Alongside the new single, Jordi also revealed a reflective new music video, which premiered just days ago. In the video, Jordi and Štěpán’s composition unfolds beautifully while a lone dancer finds themselves in the desert. You can find the new single now on all major platforms, as well as on our own Spotify playlists.

Along with a string of impressive singles, ‘Soluble Leaf’ also follows on from Jordi’s first album, ‘Loudly Quiet’, which was released earlier this year and was received to critical acclaim. Speaking candidly about the record, Jordi explained, “the album is a hopeful and poignant collection of compositions for piano and strings, focusing on an individual story.“

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