Michael Bakrnčev – ‘Calm’

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The music of multi-award-winning contemporary classical composer, Michael Bakrnčev has always been critically acclaimed, and for a very good reason. Delivering a gorgeous sound that takes the listener on a completed musical journey, his compositions are filled with exotic rhythmic and sublime melodic beauty, creating a lavish space that never fails to impress.

His latest composition, ‘Calm – Trio for Flute, Violin and Harp’ was created as a gift for his wife, and it was originally performed on one of the most evocative of times, their wedding day. Musically, it’s a bold, romantic piece, one that artfully contrasts the fast-paced and wonderfully jovial Macedonian wedding-dance music that was performed for most of the evening.

In true and expressive form, the composition encapsulated a side of his wife’s personality and nature through three of her favourite instruments, blending flute, violin, and harp into a gorgeous musical piece. While the song has been around for about five years now, it’s only recently that Michael has released it officially, offering a new version that has grown and evolved alongside his marriage. Recorded with help from fellow artists Heline Fay (Flute), Peter Voronov (Violin), and Mercedes Bralo (Harp), the song is an utterly unforgettable piece.

Alongside its release on all official platforms, Michael has also shared a new video, which cleverly juxtaposes Michael’s beautiful music for flute, harp, and violin against imagery that shows an environment on the brink of collapse.

To date, Michael’s music has been described as “having a Pärtian simplicity made beautifully vulnerable” by MODART, while Limelight was left astounded saying, “I was left wanting more, definitely the mark of a mature composer”. Alongside his critical acclaim, Michael has also been commissioned by eminent arts organisations including the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the Southern Cross Soloists, Pianist Alex Raineri, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Syzygy Ensemble, Plexus Ensemble, University of Southern Queensland, and the Macedonian Philharmonic.

For more from Michael, be sure to check out his website and social media pages below.

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