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Mimo – ‘An Introduction’

  • 2 min read

A Montreal-born and New York based artist with seemingly limitless talents, Mimo has announced the release of her highly anticipated new EP, ‘Mars Took Over’, and shared the official music video for lead single, ‘An Introduction’.

When it comes to her music, Mimo has cultivated a stunning sound that flows freely with witty, poetic lyrics and smooth neo-soul sounds, offering a brilliant alternative R&B feel that sparks with ingenuity. Mimo’s style is a blend of heartfelt music and storytelling, reflecting her essence in s sound that she casually calls ‘Street Jazz’.

An ode to her duality and fluency between singing and rapping, Mimo’s new EP is her first collaboration with Automatic Records and features an impressive list of producers from the east coast. Every song is built upon a different element of Mimo’s expansive creativity, showcasing her identity unapologetically. The project displays the intricacies of a Montreal girl living in New York, brushed with themes of loss, solitude, empowerment, and discernment.

With the full EP set to be released on the 27th of May this year, Mimo has been steadily sharing a string of impressive singles to promote it, including the wonderfully well composed ‘An Introduction’. Released alongside the official music video, where Mimo’s magnetic screen presence has made the song even more appealing, ‘An Introduction’ is utterly essential.

Trained as a musician, actor, and dancer, Mimo’s work revolves around the tremendous powers of the body. Juggling her love for performing arts, Mimo evolved through choir singing, violin classes, drama circles and dance practice. Fluently moving from an art form to another, she was featured as a singer and actor in a rendition of the play ‘Cheap Hugs’ by Annick Lefebvre, presented at the Hudson Theater Guild, with her role earning a nomination for ‘Best Singing Act’ of the 2018 New York WinterFest.

You can pre-save ‘Mars Took Over’ on Spotify and iTunes now.

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