Mindpyre – ‘Mantra’

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An enigmatic solo project from the north of Sweden, Mindpyre debuted in April of 2020, making noise amongst the growing pandemic and adding a sharp new voice to the metal scene. Telling stories of both struggle and hope, Mindpyre’s music is bold, unapologetic, and wonderfully engaging, hitting with a raw style that has nothing to lose.

Described as “art in form of sound”, Mindpyre’s style draws inspiration from a vast arrange of subgenres, challenging form and style with a blend of metal’s most powerful and recognisable sounds. Caught between evocative nu-metal and bold progressive passages, Mindpyre’s new single is a powerful illustration of his unique approach, capturing an expressive and titanic vibe that will impress even the most stubborn of music fans.

Titled ‘Mantra’, the new single treads a path that pushes well past six-and-a-half minutes, showcasing an ever-evolving sound that draws you in and never lets you go. Alongside the release of the new single, which premiered recently on Spotify, and has quickly become a firm fixture on our annual Spotify playlist, Mindpyre has also delivered an engaging, animated music video, which you can stream below.

Set to impress throughout 2022, Mindpyre has proven that he’s an artist to watch, and with new releases like ‘Astrology’ surfacing recently online, Mindpyre is quite possibly one of metal’s most exciting new talents.

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